Pokemon go iphone как скачать

Pokemon go iphone как скачать

Salut a tous aujourd'hui on va se retrouvé pour un tuto comment avoir Pokemon GO en version sur i4 sans passer par l'AppStore il vous faudra: Une.

Taking AR photos is a snap with this easy-to-use update.

Discover Pokémon worldwide

Notes: - This app is free-to-play and offers in-game purchases. It is optimized for smartphones, not tablets.

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  • What can you expect in this release? I love the game and its easy to use interface but I and all of my friends at school agree that your amazing game lacks some necissary content to be a truly great game.

    I belive you should add trading pokemon above all else and along with that casual battles with near by players.

    Pokemon go iphone как скачать

    Now for my personal favorite addition is that some people have a daily struggle with living in a small town like mine where there is literaly 1 pokestop in all of town and you never go near it so that results in having a very limited supply of poke balls which is by far the most important item in the game because without them you cant catch anything which results in the lack of xp which means you cant level up.

    You cant get good cp pokemon much less pokemon at all which means no gyms or raids.

    To combat this major issue I propose you and some sort of daily spin or add more pokestops and gyms. Now I doubt you the devs will see this much less read it all but if you do I greatly appreciate it. Thank you as I hope this may help bring life back into this once amazing and well played game.

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  • I am saying this not only to make this game more fun for me but all of the friends I play this game with are compaining about a few of these issues and I would like to continue playing the game with the game with them as this is the only game I play and I fear they may quit playing if you do not add content. I downloaded day one and like a vast amount of people stopped playing after 6 months.

    Salut Visiteur !

    The improvements are great. I still think though there are many many more simple additions that can make the game even better.

    Pokemon go iphone как скачать

    Seems like a no brainer. Raids - need a waiting room that is visible to people in your map area not right on top of gym that you can wait in BEFORE spending a gym pass.


    While in the waiting room you can ping your friends to join you or even nearby players. I know PvP is in the works but additional gameplay is needed. Legendary gyms is a great idea, having defensive legendaries like Regiice is almost pointless besides the dex entry.

    This gym could only house legendaries and you get good loot for batting legendaries. This would add another element of leveling your defensive legendaries that are non-existent in the meta.

    Pokemon go iphone как скачать

    Having gyms with Pve gym leaders you need to defeat like a gauntlet similar to the gameboy games would be awesome!! This is a wonderful game, great to get people out and moving I definitely recommend it for people who live in populated areas and towns BUT if you live in the rural areas and the country sides of this country where service is spotty and where they placed most all the stops and gyms there is NO SERVICE then playing this game is almost worthless.

    I read how Niantic was working hard at trying to come up with a resolution for RURAL players but every update and addition to the game benefits populated players.

    Even trying to contact help support and Niantic is a waste of time, all you will get is a return email where someone will just copy and paste the same answers over and over again, if you cared to do something about this critical issue then maybe taking a moment and conversing with the rural players may help.

    Signed The forgotten rural players! Requires iOS App Store Preview.

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    This app is only available on the App Store for iOS devices. Screenshots iPhone iPad Apple Watch. Description NEW! Jun 10, Version 1.

    Information Seller Niantic, Inc. Size Category Games. Compatibility Requires iOS Price Free.

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    Family Sharing With Family Sharing set up, up to six family members can use this app. Harry Potter: Wizards Unite. Ingress Prime.